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  Oct 01, 2023
2023-2024 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook

Academic Calendar



4.1 Juris Doctor Program Delivery/Length

The Juris Doctor degree program is an onsite program that is comprised of a 13-week Fall and 12-week Spring semester (plus study and exam weeks) and a 10-week summer session. Some online elective courses may be eight weeks.

The Hybrid Juris Doctor program is a blend of online and onsite learning that is comprised of a Fall, Spring and Summer semester (14 weeks/1 day each, including exams). Some online elective courses may be eight weeks.  Students in the Hybrid JD Program are required to attend onsite, weekend residencies that occur four times per semester.

4.2 Master of Arts in Law Program Delivery/Length

The Master of Arts in Law program is delivered online and is comprised of a Fall, Spring and Summer semester, each of which has two, 8-week terms (e.g., Fall I and Fall II).

4.3 Calendars and Attendance

  1. Students are cautioned not to make discretionary plans that might prevent them from attending class, required residencies, or completing course assignments during academic terms. Attendance is not excused any reason; however compelling or unavoidable circumstances will be considered should the student exceed total absences per COL’s attendancy policy.
  2. Before starting their first semester, students in the JD and HJD Programs are required to attend the Orientation and Legal Boot Camp scheduled before classes begin.  In extraordinary circumstances, a student may file a written petition with the Dean for permission to miss some or all of the Orientation/Legal Boot Camp program.  The Dean will make a final decision about whether to grant the petition, and it shall be granted only for good cause shown.  A student may be administratively withdrawn from their program should an absence petition not be granted by the Dean. 
  3. The School reserves the right to change calendar dates beyond the current academic year.
  4. For onsite courses: during the Fall and Spring semesters, holiday make-up classes generally are held the same week, generally on the night when classes do not regularly meet (Tuesday in Ventura; Wednesday in Santa Barbara) except when class schedules require otherwise but may be held on Saturdays or weeknights. Summer holiday make-ups may be held on Saturdays or weeknights. Dates will be announced in course syllabi as circumstances allow.
  5. The Academic Calendars for the JD Program, the Hybrid JD Program and the Master of Arts in Law are found on the Gateway at