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    TCS Education System
  Jul 25, 2024
2020-2021 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook [Archived Catalog]

Student Services and Activities

5.1 Student I.D. and E-Mail

  1. Student I.D. Cards
    An ID card is issued to each student shortly after initial enrollment and registration for each academic year. For JD students only, the card includes the student’s exam number; this number should not be disclosed to faculty or other students. (See 11.1.A., Anonymous Grading .)
  2. JURIS E-Mail
    Each new student is issued an institutional e-mail account (domain address “”) shortly after making a Tuition Deposit. The School will send important e-mail communications only through this JURIS address; personal e-mail addresses will not be used. Each student is responsible for checking the JURIS e-mail account regularly to be aware of such communications; COL recommends that students set up automatic forwarding of their JURIS e-mail to any frequently-checked personal e-mail account. The JURIS address is not subject to change on student request. Students may use the JURIS e-mail “pick list” to locate e-mail addresses for fellow students, faculty, and staff. A JURIS e-mail account is closed and access is no longer provided upon withdrawal or other cancellation of enrollment.  A student who graduates from a TCSES affiliate is granted lifetime access to email.


5.2 Digital Information Resources

Credentials for access to digital information resources are distributed within several weeks of the start of a student’s first term.  Access to all electronic systems, including Office 365 features and licensing for the Office Suite, is removed after graduation or other discontinuation of enrollment. Students will be notified that they will lose access to any files in One Drive upon graduation and will be given a 90-day grace period to back up any necessary files.  Information Technology will be unable to recover any lost files after the aforementioned grace period.

  1. Academic Support/Bar Review resources (JD only) - available approximately Week 4 of the student’s first term
    Resources for academic support and bar review are provided to JD students through BarBri, a commercial bar review provider. These include study outlines, online resources such as videos and drills, and a full Bar Review course for graduates prior to sitting for the California Bar Examination (see Section 5.8 for further information).
  2. ExamSoft (JD) - available approximately Week 3 of the student’s first term
    This software allows a student to take secure examinations on a personal laptop, by blocking access to the student’s hard drive during the exam.
  3. GoToMeeting pr Zoom (JD) - available approximately Week 4 of the student’s first term
    Use this software to attend virtual class sessions, share your desktop with fellow students or faculty members for academic purposes, or meet remotely with your study group using your own webcam.
  4. Microsoft 365/Microsoft Suite (JD/MLS) - available after processing of tuition deposit
    When a new student is issued a COL institutional e-mail address through Microsoft 365, the student’s account also includes access to the Microsoft Suite of applications, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  5. OnLaw (CEB Publications) (JD/MLS) - available after processing of tuition deposit
    Students may access OnLaw’s publications of the State Bar’s legal publishing arm, Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB), through the Student Gateway.
  6. Student Gateway (JD/MLS) - available after processing of tuition deposit
    On the password-protected Student Gateway (, enrolled students can find a wide variety of helpful materials, including administrative forms, prior exams (School and California Bar Exam), and other resources.
  7. Learning Management Systems (JD/MLS)
    Most course materials are available through the Canvas LMS. Through Westlaw, all students have access to The West Education Network (TWEN), where other course materials may be posted.
  8. Westlaw (JD/MLS) - available prior to start of first term of enrollment
    All students have online access to the Westlaw legal research service during certain hours. Access is currently available 180 hours per student per month for Westlaw Next.
  9. Wireless Network (JD) - available after processing of tuition deposit
    Each campus has a wireless network that allows students with wireless-enabled devices to access Westlaw, TWEN, the Internet, and library printers from anywhere on campus. Unless specifically directed to do so by their instructor, students are not authorized to access the wireless network during class. Instructions for using the network are found in each classroom and in the law library.

5.3 Law Libraries (On Site)

  1. Library Collections

    At each campus, a law library serves the needs of local students, faculty, and staff. The library includes hard copy books and practice manuals.  Books housed in classrooms are also part of the library collection.

    Library materials are non-circulating and may not be removed from their location (library or classroom where housed) except by permission of the Dean.

    The libraries provide convenient access to legal materials for onsite and local online students in research-intensive courses, and may also be used for studying and completing course-related assignments. Additional resources are available at the county law libraries throughout California, including in Santa Barbara and Ventura, at 1100 Anacapa Street, 2nd Floor and 800 S. Victoria Avenue, respectively; all are open to the public, including students of the School.
  2. Library Computers

    Each library includes a computer from which students may access an online legal research database, the Internet, and a printer. Wireless access is available subject to certain restrictions on use when class is in session (See Section 5.2.I, Wireless Network).
  3. Law Library Hours (Closed on holidays and weekends between terms; subject to change during term.)
      Santa Barbara Library Ventura Library
    Monday through Thursday 10:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. 10:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
    Saturday and Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  4. Library Rules

    Copies of the library rules are available at each campus library. The School’s libraries, computers/printers, and online legal research services are to be used strictly for completing coursework at the School, improving legal research skills, and other academic purposes. Commercial or non-academic personal use of the libraries, computers/printers, or online legal research facilities, services, or programs by or on behalf of any student or any other person is prohibited and is a violation of School policies. The School reserves the right to change or discontinue resources, online facilities, hours, and services at any time.

5.4 Counseling (Academic and Personal)

  1. Academic Counseling
    1. Academic Support
      1. Faculty members are ordinarily available by appointment to discuss course topics, examinations, and grades. Students are encouraged to review their examination papers and to confer with their professors regarding their exam performance as soon as possible after exams.
      2. For JD students, the Academic Advisor provides academic support through workshops and individual counseling during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Students in academic difficulty may be required to attend workshops or meet with a faculty member or Academic Advisor as a condition of probation or readmission. The Academic Standards and Admissions Committee may consider a student’s level of participation in the Academic Support Program in deciding upon petitions for probation or readmission. Students wishing to receive individual counseling should contact the Academic Advisor through the Academic Support course page on Canvas or via email. Workshop schedules and counseling appointment opportunities will be posted or otherwise communicated.
      3. In addition to the Academic Advisors, JD students may access student mentors to provide support and academic counseling.
      4. MLS students may seek academic counseling and support by e-mail or telephone call to their instructors or the Associate Dean of the Program and/or the Dean.
    2. Program Counseling

      The Office of the Registrar provides counseling for matters such as course selection and graduation planning.
  2. Personal Counseling/Student Assistance Program
    Students may contact ComPsych, a third-party provider, for confidential counseling about behavioral and emotional health, family, or other personal matters (24 hours a day, seven days a week) via a toll-free phone line (866-519-7419) ─ or through the website at To register online, click on “first-time user”, use the web ID “COLLEGESOFLAW”, and choose your own user name. A master’s level clinician will perform an issues assessment and the student will be directed to appropriate resources for further assistance. ComPsych also provides referrals to free or low-cost legal and financial services. These communications will not be shared with staff or faculty at the School except as required by law.

5.5 Resources for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities should contact the Registrar as soon as possible after enrollment or when the disability is diagnosed to arrange for physical access accommodations, examination conditions, and other services. (See Section 3.14, Accommodation for Students with Disabilities .) Students are encouraged not to wait until they experience academic difficulties.

5.6 Other Resources

  1. Extracurricular Seminars
    The School occasionally holds seminars to inform students on a variety of extracurricular topics, such as the range of opportunities in the legal profession and job-seeking strategies. These seminars are free of charge and, whenever possible, will be recorded and placed on the appropriate Student Gateway for viewing by those unable to attend in person.
  2. Study and Lounge Spaces
    The School encourages students to form informal groups for continued study and discussion outside the structured programs of the School. Online students are welcome to use space on campus or the GTM pr Zoom video conferencing for collaborative study and discussions. Quiet space for individual and group study is available on each campus during the day and on weekends when the library is open. Each campus has a student lounge and vending equipment.
  3. Lost and Found
    Found items should be brought to the Administration Office where owners may reclaim them. Any item not picked up within 30 days will be donated to a charitable organization or discarded.

5.7 Student Organizations

  1. School-sponsored and supported organization: Student Bar Association
    Students in all COL programs are automatically members of the Student Bar Association (“SBA”). The association participates in orientation for new students and the annual presentation of academic awards and sponsors a variety of activities, including social events and peer mentoring projects.
  2. Student-sponsored and initiated organizations:  Student leadership and participation drive the activities of these organizations and determine whether an organization exists at a particular campus at any given time.  Current organizations include senates of the international law fraternity Delta Theta Phi, a chapter of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund, and a chapter of the National Latino Law Student Association.  Students interested in participating in these or other student-initiated organizations should contact the Student Services Office.

5.8 JD/HJD BARBRI Study Materials/Bar Support

The School currently contracts with BARBRI, a commercial bar review provider, to provide law study materials. Access to certain BARBRI study materials, including study outlines and online resources, will be provided to each student in the JD Program during their Fall semester and in the second full semester in the HJD Program, following a sign-up period during which the student will be expected to provide contact information to BARBRI. Thereafter, from time to time a student will be given access to additional BARBRI materials appropriate for the student’s curriculum. Instructors may assign students to read or otherwise engage with BARBRI materials as part of coursework at the School. Contact information for a BARBRI representative may be obtained from the Administration Office. The School reserves the right to change its bar support services, including the use of a commercial provider.  At the School’s discretion, the School will pay for such bar support services, including a review course specific to the California Bar Examination, but only if the student actively participates in the School’s bar review program within two administrations of the Bar Examination following the student’s graduation.

5.9 Other Services

  1. Books and Supplies
    The School does not sell books or study aids but students may consult the Administration Office for assistance in finding required books and optional study materials online through legal or other bookstores.
  2. Employment Assistance
    The School does not provide job placement services. However, students often find employment through less formal means. Announcements of job opportunities are posted on the School’s bulletin boards and faculty and staff members provide an informal referral network. JD students also learn of job openings through the School’s Legal Internship program, or as a result of student membership in the local bar associations.
  3. Housing
    The School is a non-residential institution; it has no dormitories and does not assist students with finding housing. Both campuses are located in metropolitan areas with housing available within easy commuting distance.
  4. Academic Achievement Awards
    These awards are given to recognize academic achievement during the preceding academic year for students in the JD and HJD Programs.  Students who have completed at least one full academic year are eligible for awards.