International Commercial Transactions   [Archived Catalog]
2022-2023 Academic Catalog and Student Handbook with Spring Addendum

LAW 7472 - International Commercial Transactions

This course will examine the issues that underlie international commercial transactions. As the global economy becomes more interdependent, familiarity with international deal making will be an asset for legal practitioners. Although each industry sector has unique permutations in their business, there are significant legal fundamentals that are found across sectors. Fortunately, that is the case in the international realm as well. In general, we will consider sales, distribution and license agreements. We will examine the factors that distinguish cross-border deal making, with a focus on intellectual property and technology transfer. We will examine case histories and review contractual provisions that are fundamental to these transactions. We will bring a particular focus to the inevitable cultural aspects inherent in international deal making. Unlike domestic law subjects (such as property law, tort law, etc.) there is no single source to find all the rules and principles of international commercial law. Issues such as choice of law and dispute resolution have particular resonance in a global setting. In our class we will endeavor to become more familiar with the complex but endlessly intriguing components of international commercial transactions.
Prerequisite: Either LAW 6205 Civil Procedure I  or LAW 6112 Contracts II  
Units: 2
Grading: Letter Grade