Litigation Operations   [Archived Catalog]
2019-2020 Colleges of Law General Catalog

LAW 8514 - Litigation Operations

This course will examine the challenges faced by litigants in the digital age, focusing on the growing importance (and cost) of electronic discovery. This course will cover four general topics: a) optimized roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders (the entity, in-house and outside law firms, and litigation services companies); b) the importance of well-defined process and project management principles in coordinating a response to litigation, including the principles of excellent investigation; how to identify issues and then plan an investigation; and how to conduct thorough witness interviews; c) cost management in the inherently unpredictable process of identifying and sorting through "big data"; and d) litigation technology. The discussion will focus on the "best practices" established by field practitioners who have identified methods for reducing risks and mitigating costs. Units: (3 units)